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New Release

The Daniel Project (12)
Feature Documentary 85'
Distributor: Mercury Media Intl

A journalistic look at Bible prophecy, beautifully filmed around the world with leading experts. Are we living in 'the end days' – and are you one of The Wise who will escape?

Film website and further info at : www.thedanielproject.tv
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Distributor: Mercury Media International www.mercurymedia.org



Designed for Destruction
Feature Documentary

We uncover a secret attached to one of Britain's worst maritime disasters that so nearly changed the UK as we know it…submarines galore!

Website coming soon: www.designedfordestruction.com
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In development – ready for commission

Abolition of Great Britain

The Abolition of Britain
Feature Documentary
(Peter Hitchins)

Who rules Britannia now? London, Brussels or is there a bigger threat?

In development – ready for commission




A chilling film based on an international documentary

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Contact distributor California Pictures Inc.
e: steven @ californiapicturesinc.com

Website: www.thedanielconnection.com


The Petersen Files
Thriller 90'


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In development



Motor Sport 3D
(Peter Foubister)
6 x 30'

From bikes to cars – and back again. World expert and founder of Autosport mag takes us on a fast paced journey. In 3D!

Send an email for further details


Great Guns
(Donald Dallas)
3 x 30'

Boss, Purdey, Holland & Holland all contribute stories through world expert Donald Dallas.

Send an email for further details


Hungry Hikers
(w/ Big Baby Productions)
24 x 13

Our two hungry chappies hike around the country doing good turns for strangers – which always includes cooking. Gorgeous locations, good craic and recipes galore. Feel good!

Website coming soon
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Freedom Years

Freedom Years
(Michael Shea)
24 x 13

Based on the book of the same name, how to grow old – gracefully – or otherwise. Contributors include friends and colleagues of Michael Shea – HM Queen's former press secretary.

Website coming soon: www.freedomyears.tv

In development – ready for commission



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